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14th century


MLTR .ARQ.0092

This jug/flagon is almost whole, with a well-proportioned tall neck and oval body. It has a conical pedestal foot and semi-tubular spout on the lip, and still preserves the lower part of a band handle. The outer part of the jug is coated in lead glaze in a mix of green and yellow tones.

The glaze was applied directly to the jug without slip and the two colours are arranged in vertical stripes. The yellow colour (with green and brown pigment in places) predominates, covering around 70% of the surface.

The jug was found inside a hydraulic structure made from clay, which was unearthed in 2005 during the archaeological intervention at 3 Rua de S. Mamede. The structure was made up of several overlapping pipes, which were full of debris.

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