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A matter of patience?

  • 13 may 2023 3pm
  • 25 jun 2023 3pm
  • 18 mar 2023 11am

18 Mar 202315h – 17h


+ 12 years old | 120 minutes

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Inspired by the fireman's model, Carlos Cabral Loureiro, the model maker at Museum of Lisbon, guides participants on a workshop to create a model for a building chosen by each individual or family participant. Using cardboard, glue and paint, each participant will assist in the construction of a model of a building, which they can take home at the end. Let's get busy!

What are the steps to creating a model? Can a model be a document? What materials can be used? A task requiring great patience, the creation of miniature models of cities, houses or vehicles captivate those who diligently produce them, and fascinate those who observe them, overcoming the barriers of time and bringing different generations into contact. 


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Miniature city