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Guided tour with the curators

Exhibition Vita Prima.Saint Anthony in Portugal

  • 30 SET 2023 3:30pm
  • 08 OUT 2023 3:30pm
  • 19 NOV 2023 3:30pm
  • 08 DEZ 2023 3:30pm
  • 01 JUL 2023 3:30pm
  • 19 AGO 2023 3:30pm

30 Sep 202315h30 – 17h

3 € (grants access to the whole venue)

+ 10 years old | 90 minutes

Tickets available at

As part of the exhibition Vita Prima. Saint Anthony in Portugal, this visit with the curators will focus on the lesser-known aspects that explain the choices made by Fernando Martins de Bulhões in his educational path between Lisbon and Coimbra.

This visit will highlight the historical contexts of two cities that were so close geographically yet so different from each other in that distant 12th century.

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Vita Prima. Saint Anthony in Portugal