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Bacchus Hour

  • 29 APR to 25 NOV 2021 6PM

29 Apr 2021 — 25 Nov 202118h

All ages

Free admission, subject to prior registration: or 215 818 530



On the last thursday of each month, the Museum of Lisbon - Roman Theatre invites you to the Bacchus Hour.

With the reopening of the Museum of Lisbon - Roman Theatre, on 6 April, we return to the face-to-face sessions with limited capacity, in compliance with the measures to control the spreading of Covid-19.

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© Museu de Lisboa

  • Roman Theatre


    • 26 AUG 2021 6PM

    26 Aug 202118h – 20h

    Marifá and Nuno Faria

    Marifá (voice) and Nuno Faria (contrabass, guitar and percussion)

  • Roman Theatre


    • 20 SEPT 2021 — 6PM

    30 Sep 202118h – 19h

    Stone Bones & Bad Spaghetti

    Live music and wine tasting

  • Roman Theatre


    • 28 OCT 2021 6PM

    28 Oct 202118h – 19h

    Vicente-Faustino-Melo Alves

    Live music and wine tasting, sponsored by Adega Cooperativa de Pegões

  • Roman Theatre


    25 Nov 202118h – 19h

    Daniela Onís (voice) and Rúben Alves (piano)

    Live music and wine tasting, with the support of the Santo Isidro de Pegões Agricultural Cooperative