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Exhibition opening «Ten Stories of freedom»

From slavery to freedom in the Roman Empire

  • 09 MAY 2024 6PM

09 May 202418h – 20h

Free admission

All ages

The history of Rome is synonymous with conquest and empire. In a regime that based its power on the subjugation of others, there are countless stories of survival, adaptation, happiness and even victory. In this exhibition we learn about some of these stories which took place in Lisbon’s Roman Theatre almost 2000 years ago.

Slavery in Rome (or, more correctly in their own terms, servitude) was a phenomenon that encompassed a wide variety of situations and which has substantial differences with subsequent regimes of slavery in history. It is this distinct panorama that is offered and it is the freedom that was won that is praised through the men and women who left their names and actions written in stone.


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Ten stories of freedom