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Lisboa Clichê

Daniel Blaufuks

22 Jan 2022 — 27 Feb 202210h – 18h

3 € (grants access to the whole venue)

Tickets available at

Opening on January 21 de janeiro | 6PM

Free admission, subject to room capacity


The exhibition Lisboa Clichê presents a selection of Daniel Blaufuks’s photographs which are included in the book of the same name, published by Tinta-da-China and presented to the public here at the Museum on 28 September 2021. 

These are photographs taken in Lisbon between the late 1980s and early 1990s, to which Daniel Blaufuks returned three decades later with the indelible and accelerated transformation of the city. 

During the first confinement, Blaufuks started to publish some of these photographs on his social networks, which evolved towards the creation of an Instagram page with the title that gave him the theme for the book and exhibition, sharing texts and images of spaces, environments and people from a partially lost Lisbon, between March and October 2020. 

From more than 300 photographs published in the book, 80 were selected for the exhibition, creating a cinematographic flow, a travel shot over a Lisbon which is seen and intensely felt by the author, with very different urban landscapes from those of today. 

Lisboa Clichê announces the start of a more cosmopolitan life and frees one from traditions, advancing towards times of greater prosperity and national and international affirmation but where growing massification brings the unavoidable loss of some of those landmarks which gave to Lisbon the poetic aura that Daniel Blaufuks evokes and shares from another time, another Lisbon, «our Alexandria», in the words of the artist. 

Daniel Blaufuks has been working on the relationship between public and private memory, one of the constant interrogations in his work as a visual artist. He has exhibited widely in museums, private galleries, and festivals and works mainly in photography and video, presenting his work through books, installations, and films. He holds a PhD from the University of Wales, where he wrote on photography and film in relation to the work of W.G. Sebald and Georges Perec, as well in relation to memory and the Holocaust. In 2016 he received the AICA Portugal award for the exhibitions Attempting Exhaustion and Léxico.

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© Daniel Blaufuks