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A feast at the Roman Theatre

  • 16 FEB 2024 8PM [SOLD OUT]
  • 17 FEB 2023 8PM [SOLD OUT]

16 Feb 202420h


+12 years old

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The Museum of Lisbon – Roman Theatre celebrates the Lupercalia with a Roman supper, a show, historical re-enactments and other surprises. The menu was created by chef Maria Caldeira de Sousa.

Originally a shepherds' festival dedicated to the god of fertility on 15 February, the Lupercalia ceremonies involved cleansing and purification, as only the purest of men were able to approach the divinities.

Over time and with the arrival of Christianity, this ancient pagan tradition was incorporated as a festival of extravagance and freedom that took place before Advent and Easter.

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José Avelar © Museum of Lisbon