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28 Sep 202318h – 19h

Music and wine tasting

Free admission

+ 6 years old

Malotira is a traditional music band with a Mediterranean focus that showcases the musical diversity of the region, valuing and giving visibility to shared culture and collective memory.

The band presents an extensive repertoire of songs from Greek, Italian, Slavic, Sephardic and Romani traditions. With songs in over 15 languages and dialects, Malotira creates a powerful and energetic fusion that shows how music can create space for cultural dialogues and exchanges.

Formed in 2020 in Lisbon, Malotira has been performing in portuguese cultural centres, bars and clubs, bringing an enchanting presence to various stages, with their unique instrumentation, captivating voice and vibrant traditional dances.

Sponsored by da Adega Cooperativa de Pegões

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