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Museum of Lisbon
Roman Theatre

Long-term Exhibition

The Roman Theatre is an on-site museum that allows visitors to access one of the most emblematic monuments of the ancient Roman city of Felicitas Iulia Olisipo. With a magnificent view over the Tagus, this monument determined the urban evolution of the surrounding area, a fact reflected in multiple archaeological vestiges that have been collected in the museum and by the overlapping constructions of posterior buildings on the site. 

The museum, which includes the archaeological site of the theatre, is partially set inside a 17th-century building that belonged to the Lisbon Cathedral's Chapter House and occupies other more recent buildings that have also been subjected to archaeological interventions. The architectural renovation of the museum retained some of the pre-existing solutions in order to show the evolution of the site over the ages.

Specially dedicated to the theatre, the long-term exhibition includes archaeological finds from multiple interventions, with particular emphasis on sculptural and architectural elements and a vast ceramic collection from various historical periods. This collection is complemented by archaeological exhibits that pre-date the monument, and others that were found on top of it, covering a long historical period from the 4th century BCE to the 17th century CE. 

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