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Museum of Lisbon
Saint Anthony

Long-term Exhibition

The Museum of Lisbon - Saint Anthony is dedicated to the figure of Saint Anthony and his relationship with the city of Lisbon, where he was born and lived until he was 20 years old.

The long-term exhibition introduces the history of the saint and its development over the centuries to the point where Saint Anthony became one of the most popular saints in the world. The church in Lisbon bearing his name, built in what is believed to be his birthplace, has a special connection with the city's governance.

The museum also examines lesser known aspects of the cult devoted to the saint, such as his posthumous military honours, afro-Brazilian cults associated with the saint, or the varied forms this cult takes in Portugal and other countries envangelised by Portuguese priests. Known to be a miracle worker, Saint Anthony is known as the patron saint of matchmaking and of lost objects, among various other patronages.  The permanent exhibition also looks into the multiple occasions relating to the saint featured on the calendar of popular festivities, including processions, weddings, festivals and marches.

Alongside the museum's collection, temporary exhibitions also present works from public and private collections, revealing paraphernalia related to the cult of Saint Anthony from all over the country.

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