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Nature in black and white

  • 10 JUN 2021 3:30PM
  • 8 AUG 2021 11:30AM

10 Jun 2021 — 08 Aug 202115h30 – 11h30

Duration: 75 minutes

> 6 years old

Tickets: 3€

Available at

How many colours can you find in a black and white city?

Photographs of Lisbon from the late 19th century and early 20th century reveal a city whose nature and colour begs to be imagined. Where there were once vegetable gardens, there are now buildings and streets; where people once picked grapes and strawberries, they now pass by on skateboards and scooters. After a elucidating discovery of how the city has changed, we take a detailed look at photos through a magnifying glass and use our creativity to colour the nature hidden within them.

8AGO Natureza a preto e branco.jpeg (PX).png

© Museu de Lisboa

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