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Festival of the planets

09 Sep 202218h – 23h30

Free admission, entry subject to capacity

+ 3 years old

Observations with telescopes are subject to favourable weather and atmospheric conditions. 
Explanations in Portuguese and English.

At this event, the visitors will be able to see Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon through telescopes from the terrace of the Museum of Lisbon – Roman Theatre, alongside activities and talks for all the family about the discoveries in the Solar System and other stars.

On the night of 9 September, the planet Saturn, accompanied by the Moon and Jupiter will be visible over the Tagus River from the terrace of the Museum of Lisbon – Roman Theatre.

Using telescopes, it will be possible to see and even photograph lunar craters and mountains, Saturn's rings and Jupiter's moons. It will also be possible to talk to researchers and take part in various fun activities for the whole family. 
We will celebrate our knowledge of the planets of the Solar System, named after the Roman gods, but also venture into the new worlds located far from our Sun and orbiting other stars.

Planetalia is a joint initiative of the Institute for Astrophysics and Space Sciences (IA) and the Museum of Lisbon – Roman Theatre.

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