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From bather to tourist

Archaeological reflections on the Roman baths of São Pedro do Sul

  • 10 MAY 2023 6PM

10 May 202318h – 19h30

By Maria Pilar Reis, archaeologist, researcher from the Centre for Architectural and Urban Studies of the Faculty of Architecture of Porto

+ 12 years old

Free admission, subject to room capacity

Significant investment in restoring and rehabilitating unique heritage monuments in Portugal can be conceptualised as a triangle, rarely equilateral, between investment, project and knowledge. This brief reflection examines the Roman Baths of São Pedro do Sul rehabilitation project regarding archaeology, looking at the scientific and touristic expectations created for this emblematic monument of Portuguese archaeology.
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Challenges of Exhibiting the Past

  • Roman Theatre


    • 12 ApR 2023 6PM

    12 Apr 202318h – 19h30

    Museu Nacional de Machado de Castro (Coimbra)

    by Ana Alcoforado, Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage, and Pedro C. Carvalho, Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra

  • Roman Theatre


    • 19 APR 2023 6PM

    19 Apr 202318h – 19h30

    60 years of Museu Monográfico de Conimbriga - National Museum

    By Vítor Dias, director of the Museu Monográfico de Conimbriga-Museu Nacional, DGPC

  • Roman Theatre


    • 31 MAY 2023 6PM

    31 May 202318h – 19h30

    The musealization of the Roman Medicinal Baths of Chaves

    by Sérgio Carneiro, UNIARQ, Centre of Archeology - University of Lisbon, DGPC

  • Roman Theatre


    • 21 JUN 2023 6PM

    21 Jun 202318h – 19h30

    From ruin to museum

    By Dália Paulo (Municipal Director of the Municipal Council of Loulé), Ana Rosa Sousa (Head of the Culture, Museum and Heritage Division at the Municipal Council of Loulé), Alexandra Pires (Head of the Archaeology and Museology Unit at the Municipal Council of Loulé) and Rui de Almeida (Archaeologist at the Municipal Council of Loulé)

  • Roman Theatre


    • 28 JUN 2023 6PM

    28 Jun 202318h – 19h30

    The Flour Mill of the old Military Maintenance

    By Deolinda Folgado, Museum of Lisbon/EGEAC, IHC/IHA. NOVA/FCSH