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The Christmas Villancicos of the Iberian World

Dan Luz Al Sol Ensemble

17 Dec 202119h – 20h

Free admission

All ages

Tickets:, up to two tickets per person. 
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This concert brings together the various types of Christmas repertoire dating from the 16th and 17th-century Iberian Peninsula and in some Portuguese and Spanish colonies. From Portugal, the vilancicos negros from Santa Cruz de Coimbra are magnificent examples of the cultural exchange. Notable expressions of such cultural exchange can be found the music of the time, which was enriched by African instruments and rhythms, and in the motets of Portuguese writer Gaspar Fernandes, who emigrated to Guatemala and Mexico. From Spain, the villancicos and ensaladas found in the Uppsala Songbook form part of a compilation of pieces relating mostly to Christmas, and which combine religious and festive elements. 
This programme travels through countries on several continents and is sung in several languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, Nahuatl and Creole.
The Dan Luz al Sol Ensemble is composed of four solo voices and several percussion and string instruments, reflecting the sonorities of this period of music history. 


Patrycja Gabrel - Soprano
Carolina Figueiredo - Mezzo soprano
João Sebastião - Tenor
Fernando Gomes - Baritone and percussion 
Helena Raposo - Theorbo and baroque guitar


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Christmas in the Museum of Lisbon