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The Lisbon of St. Anthony

  • 14 AUG 2021 10AM
  • 10 JUL 2021 10AM
  • 30 MAY 2021 2PM
  • 8 MAY 2021 10AM

08 May 2021 — 14 Aug 202110h – 11h30

Duration: 90 minutes

> 12 years old

Free admission, subject to prior registration:

A tour of the places associated with the saint in Lisbon, starting at the house where he was born and, traversing the eastern part of the city, culminating at the chapel of Nossa Senhora da Assunção in Vale de Santo António. Along the way, we will visit the tower and baptismal font at Lisbon Cathedral, the monastery of São Vicente de Fora and many other places.

This tour is included in the programme to celebrate the 800th anniversary of St. Anthony the Franciscan (1220–2020), organised in partnership with the Cabido da Sé Patriarcal de Lisboa, QuoVadis – Turismo do Patriarcado and the Museum of São Vicente de Fora.

The tour will begin no later than 10 minutes after the scheduled time. It is recommended that you bring comfortable clothes and footwear and a water bottle.

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The Saint's Birthday