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Prehistoric Carnival

  • 18 FEV 2023 6:30PM - 11:30PM

18 Feb 202318h30 – 23h

6 €

All ages | Free admission for children under 12

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In 2023, the Museum of Lisbon Carnival party travels back to prehistory. Taking inspiration from the first room of the long-term exhibition at the Museum of Lisbon - Pimenta Palace, we go back to the first signs of Lisbon's territory, to the first chapter of the city's history.

This year, the Museum of Lisbon invites its visitors to come out of the cave and join this themed party dressed in fur and adorned with shells and bones or whatever imagination dictates. The party programme promises workshops, hunts, games, paintings and music!


9:30 — 11:30PM
Mike El Nite (dj set)

7:30 & 9:00PM

Pigments workshop
with the Museu de Arte Pré-Histórica de Mação
Guided tour to the Prehistory room

7:00 & 8:30PM
Paleo food workshop
by Márcia Patrício (Temperos da Argas)

6:30 — 9:30PM
Caçada digital

6:30 — 11:30PM
Food and drinks at the garden
Rock paintings
Photos Cave

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