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Opening of the exhibition «Artists on Stage at the Roman Theatre»

29 Jun 202218h – 19h

Free admission

Celebrating the human heritage in its surroundings, The Lisbon Museum - Roman Theatre brings together the works by 35 artists in its new temporary exhibition, the outcome of a collaborative process with a community of artists who relate and cooperate next to this monument - the oldest stage in Portugal.

This is a territory shaped not only by its archaeological wealth but also by the human value of those who lived, live and work in its range and their artistic expressions: plastic arts, music, jewellery, photography, painting, ceramics, theatre, prose, and poetry, among others.

Rescuing the creative genius of this ancestral place, the artistic production currently produced in this territory is given back to the public. An exhibition of artists made by many for many.

Artists on stage

Alexandre O'Neill, Alexandre Delgado O'Neill, António Jorge Gonçalves, António Gedeão, Ary dos Santos, Augusto Rosa, Cátia Pessoa, Cláudia Chaves, Constança Pinto Gonçalves, Fernanda Fragateiro, Fernando Calhau, Henrique Pavão, Inês Simões, João Cristino da Silva, João Pimentel, Joana Passos, José Faria, Marcos Guimarães, Marta Araújo, Marta Mateus, Menez, Nininha Guimarães, Nuno Cera, Nuno Saraiva, Paula Delaclave, Pedro de Castro, Pedro Reis Gomes, Pierre Pratt, Ronaldo Bonachi, Rui Moreira, Rui Sanches, Rute Reimão, Sara Domingos, Teresa Pavão, Tomaz Hipólito


© Illustration by Tiago Moura

Artists on stage at the Roman Theatre