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Baroque Ball

  • 18 MAY 2024 18PM – 22:30PM
  • 20 MAY 2023 19PM – 23PM

18 May 202418h – 22h30

Free admission

+ 6 years old

The Baroque Ball returns to the Museum of Lisbon – Pimenta Palace to celebrate International Museum Day. With free admission, this will be a special occasion to experience the atmosphere of a period ball in a baroque palace, with guidance from a dance master so that everyone keeps in step.

The entertainment starts at 6pm. With the help of actors, the public can prepare for the ball and enjoy an atmosphere of conviviality and period games. Participants can make ornaments and fans in the workshops, touch up their headdress and make-up in the best Baroque style, and follow the staged tours of the Pimenta Palace, recapturing memories of life in this manor house. When it is time for the ball, a dance master and an ensemble of musicians from the d'Aquém Mar baroque orchestra will set the rhythm for the party.


6:30pm and 7:30pm: Staged visits to the Pimenta Palace
6:40Pm and 7:40pm: Workshop on fans, jabots and other trinkets
6pm and 10:30pm: Baroque games
6pm and 10:30pm: Headdresses and face powdering
6pm and 10:30pm: Photographic portrait
9pm: Baroque dance with the d'Aquém Mar baroque orchestra


© José Avelar/Museum of Lisbon