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Club Makumba

Dance as an act of resistance

  • 20 JUL 2024 7PM

20 Jul 202419h – 20h15

Free admission

All ages

Club Makumba, featuring Tó Trips (guitar), João Doce (drums), Gonçalo Prazeres (saxophone), and Gonçalo Leonardo (bass and double bass), take to the lawn in the garden of the Lisbon Museum - Pimenta Palace, against the backdrop of the exhibition Lisbon in revolution, 1383-1974.

On stage, they exude a glorious and contagious energy, presenting a free, spontaneous, experimental, and tribalist musical exercise capable of exorcising all troubles and ghosts. 

They bring with them their latest album Sulitânia, which opens the window to a journey through the sounds of the Mediterranean and an imagined Africa. Club Makumba's music is a flag of resistance flying on Mediterranean shores, free of any prejudice or geographical or stylistic limitations.

A strait of influences in a fusion of rock cartographies, guitars from the southern coasts, and hot rhythms from North Africa, all swept up by spirits that roam the air and the dunes of jazz, melodies, and ancient tunings, reaching us in a storm of electric dust. 

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Lisbon in revolution, 1383-1974