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Sonhos de amor

Concert and CD presentation by Filipe Lopes

  • 27 NOV 2022 07:00PM

27 Nov 202219h – 20h

Free admission, subject to room capacity

Filipe Lopes takes the stage of the Museum of Lisbon – Roman Theatre for a concert that marks the release of his first solo CD, Sonhos de Amor.

This album brings together various compositions of so-called Coimbra Fado, including the new song which gives the album its name (Sonhos de Amor), with lyrics by António Capela Gordo and music by Silvestre Fonseca (who also produces the album), with a total of 12 songs, 11 of which are sung by Filipe Lopes. The exception is the last song on the album, Menino do Bairro Negro, sung by Joaquim Monteiro.

Another highlight is the song Pecados do Meu Amor, with lyrics by João José Nogueira and music by Silvestre Fonseca, recorded in a single take following the musician's proposal for it to form part of Filipe Lopes' album.

The other compositions are by various musicians and poets, including names such as Leonel Neves, Luís Góes and José Afonso. Several works by this composer are several included on the CD, including ballads from the beginning of his career, such as Tenho Barcos, Tenho Remos and As Pombas, which are among the lesser known but no less beautiful songs written and recorded by José Afonso.

Most of the songs have a traditional Coimbra Fado accompaniment, consisting of a Coimbra guitar (performed by Nuno Cadete) and a normal guitar (performed by Nuno Correia), with some ballads accompanied by a solo guitar (performed by José Carita).

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