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Palace, sweet home

  • 20 JAN 2024 3PM
  • 24 FEB 2024 3PM
  • 17 MAR 2024 3PM

20 Jan 202415h – 17h

3€ (grants access to the whole venue)

+16 years old | 120 minutes

Tickets are available at
This activity is conducted in Portuguese.

When the cold days arrive, the leaves on the trees take on a thousand colours, while others begin to fall. The days turn shades of grey. The nights fall early. All we want most is to be cosy in our homes. Cake fresh out of the oven, well accompanied by a hot drink, stories and memories shared with family and friends.

In the afternoons at the Palace, sweet home, recreating the atmosphere of a house, the museum is transformed into an intimate space for listening and talking, where shared memories about the city and our lives emerge from heritage and place to inspire artistic creations that require intuition, serenity and a willingness to experiment.

This workshop is an invitation to enter into dialogue and share, to take ownership of the Museum and its collections.

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