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Franciscan Christmas

By Maria de Lourdes Sirgado Ganho

  • 09 DEZ 2023 4:30PM - 5:45PM

09 Dec 202316h30 – 17h45

Free admission

+ 12 years old | 75 minutes

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In the year that marks the 800th anniversary of the creation of the Nativity scene by Saint Francis of Assisi, the Museum of Lisbon – Saint Anthony is organising the conference Franciscan Christmas with Maria de Lourdes Sirgado Ganho, one of Portugal's most renowned experts on Saint Anthony.

It was at Christmas in 1223 that Saint Francis of Assisi recreated the nativity scene for the first time, in line with his sensibility and worldview. And it can be said that the representation of Christmas has never been the same since.

The recreation of the birth of the Child Jesus, in poverty and discomfort, with Father, Mother, Shepherds and Animals, gave substance to the unequivocal importance that the birth of the Child Jesus held for him.

Saint Anthony of Lisbon also presents the birth of Jesus to us in humility and poverty, saying: "The Lord of the universe is wrapped in swaddling clothes; the King of Angels laying in a manger".

This Franciscan way, this imagery with its underlying aesthetic, is still a source of wonder and enchantment today.

In the crib that each of us builds, we recreate praise for God, but also love for our neighbour and for nature. Saint Francis and Saint Anthony shared this sensibility, which has echoed for eight hundred years since.

Giotto's Nativity in the Church of St Francis in Assisi

Giotto's Nativity in the Church of St Francis in Assisi © All Rights Reserved

Christmas in the Museum of Lisbon