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Revolutionary Carnival

10 Feb 202416h – 21h


All ages | Free admission up to 12 years of age

Tickets available at ​​​​​​

Registration at the box office with the purchase/presentation of a ticket.

The activities are conducted in Portuguese.

From António Variações to mobile phones, from Carolina Beatriz Ângelo to Einstein, from miniskirts to carnations, from Cesariny to artificial intelligence, there's no end to revolutionary ideas.

This Carnival we're dressing up as an idea or an ideal in order to celebrate all the revolutions at the Museum of Lisbon. Workshops, challenges and games will fill the linden courtyard of the Museum of Lisbon – Pimenta Palace with life, where you'll end the day dancing freely to the sound of Farra Fanfarra!


4pm – 9pm: Revolutionary quiz

4pm – 9pm: Photo booth

4pm – 6:30pm: Workshop for families ‘The Invention of the Wheel’

What if the wheel hadn't been invented?
In an activity that challenges the definition of the impossible, the wheels of a model car are replaced by impossible shapes, or perhaps by revolutionary new forms of locomotion.

4:30pm – 7pm: Workshop for families ‘Sharing the Revolution’

How do we manifest and express ourselves?
Using press cuttings, murals, patterns and architectural and natural details, participants will create collages they can then apply to magnetic medallions or badges.

5:30pm – 6:30pm: Percussion workshop for families

Music is an essential element of any revolution. It inspires, moves, celebrates and exposes. This workshop invites participants to experiment with some of the techniques, rhythms and percussion instruments traditionally played in Portugal.
Participants can bring percussion instruments.

7:30 –8:30pm: Performance by Farra Fanfarra


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