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The smell of flour east of Lisbon

  • 25 NOV 2023 11:00AM
  • 25 NOV 2023 03:00PM
  • 24 NOV 2022 04:00PM
  • 26 NOV 2022 03:00PM
  • 27 NOV 2022 11:00AM

25 Nov 202311h – 12h30


+8 years old | 90 minutes

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This guided tour is a unique opportunity to learn about the Mill Factory of Lisbon's Military Maintenance and to discover one of the most singular testimonies of the city's industrial heritage.

The smell of flour was one of the most obvious features of Military Maintenance. The grinding that keeps this essence, also gives us the possibility of observing a factory with all its machines, from various eras, providing the realization of a unique visit in Portugal.

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© Pedro Aboim

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