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With other eyes

A new vision of Lisbon in the time of King João V (1707-1750)

  • Talks | 6, 12 e 20 APR 2022 6pm
  • Boat trip on the Tagus | 27 APR or 11 MAY 4pm

06 Apr 2022 — 20 May 202218h – 19h30

20€ (talks + boat trip)

Tickets availabe at

O agendamento da data do passeio de barco no Tejo “Olhar a cidade com os olhos do arquiteto Filippo Juvarra” está sujeito à lotação do barco (18 pessoas) e deve ser feito através do email, até ao dia 20 de abril.

The Museum of Lisbon - Pimenta Palace is organising three events with art historian Giuseppina Raggi (CES-UC) to reveal a new vision of the city during the reign of King João V (1707-1750). 

Participants in these events shall witness a Lisbon they would never have imagined: the city as planned between 1717 and 1719 by one of the greatest Italian architects of the time, Filippo Juvarra (Messina 1678 – Madrid 1735).

From the crucial role played by women in the process of cultural renewal to the grandiose urban and architectural project conceived by Juvarra for the city of Lisbon, which included the Palace-Convent of Mafra, each event will feature a guest who will speak with the art historian and the public about various unexpected facets of Joanine Lisbon, a period as significant for the history of the arts, architecture and urbanism in Portugal as it was for the city of Lisbon itself.


Biographical note on Giuseppina Raggi

Giuseppina Raggi, a historian of Italian origin, holds a PhD in Art History (2005) on trompe-l'oeil in painting in the Atlantic region (17th-18th centuries) from the Universities of Lisbon (Portugal) and of Bologna (Italy). She is a researcher at CES (Centre for Social Studies at the University of Coimbra) and forms part of the CES-CCArq research group, overseeing the project Early-modern art and architecture. Atlantic slave trade and cross-cultural dynamics. The case of African Portugal between heritage and politics of recognition (2019-2025), which won first place in its category in the CEEIND 2017 competition by the FCT. She also co-coordinates the project "1719-2019. Filippo Juvarra, Domenico Scarlatti and the role of women in promoting opera and theatre in Portugal", funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in 2019, and is part of the WP4 team of the European project "ECHOES European Colonial Heritage Modalities in Entangled Cities" (H2020). 

Her research focuses mainly on 18th-century art and architecture, particularly the connection between architecture, scenography and music; the artistic patronage of African and African-descendant communities in Portugal; the role of women in the promotion of opera and theatre in Portugal; and the urban plan of architect Filippo Juvarra for Lisbon. As a tool for the dissemination of scholarly knowledge and content, she favours the creation of videos and docufilms in collaboration with scriptwriters and directors.
Among her publications is the book O Projeto de D. João V - Lisboa ocidental, Mafra e o Urbanismo Cenográfico de Filippo Juvarra, published in 2021 by Caleidoscópio, in partnership with the Direção-Geral do Património Cultural.



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