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"Joanine effervescence" and the role of the Queen of Portugal

  • 6 APR 2022 6pm

06 Apr 202218h – 19h

20€ (talks + boat trip)

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Violinist and musicologist Iskrena Yordanova


Seeing the city in a new way requires rethinking an era as significant for the history of the arts, architecture and urbanism in Portugal as was the reign of King João V. By altering our perspective, history as we know it becomes more dynamic, revealing unexpected facets that clash with the received image of João V as a devout, baroque king. Urbanism, architecture, theatre and music were at the heart of countless projects that radically altered the Portuguese cultural horizon.

First we must bring to light the crucial role of women in the process of cultural renewal that characterised the first twenty "effervescent" years of the King João's reign. Following the arrival in Lisbon of the new queen of Portugal, Maria Anna of Austria, a new sociability at court enlivened the halls of the Royal Ribeira Palace with Italian music, dance and opera from 1708 onwards.


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