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Although not a particularly large section, painting occupies a prominent place in the Museum of Lisbon for the quality of the works included in the collection. Vista do Terreiro do Paço (View of Terreiro do Paço) by the Dutch painter Dirk Stoop (c.1610-c.1686), Torre de Belém (Belém Tower), by John Tomas Serres (1759-1825), and Antiga Fábrica de Tabaco de Xabregas (The Old Xabregas Tobacco Factory), by João Pedrozo (1825-1890), are some of the most significant historical works, and are accompanied by works by Alfredo Keil, José Veloso Salgado, Almada Negreiros and António Soares. The collection is largely focused in documenting the city over the last two centuries.

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