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Pim pam pum! An ad for everyone!

  • 16 JUL 2022 10.30am
  • 30 OCT 2022 3.30pm
  • 21 MAY 2022 10.30am

21 May 202210h30 – 12h

3 € (grants access to the whole venue)

+ 8 years old

Tickets available at

The 1920s saw huge growth in advertising. Modern life brought new habits, consumer goods and services. From cars to photography, entertainment to sport, there were plenty of new experiences on offer. The press became the primary medium to deliver advertising.

Inspired by the advertisements of the period, examples of which can be found in the exhibition, participants of this workshop are challenged to build an advertising poster to promote whatever they most desire.


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The Roaring Twenties in Lisbon