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Visits with the curators

  • 13 NOV 2022 03:00pm
  • 11 OCT 2022 06:00pm
  • 17 SEPT 2022 03:00pm
  • 11 JUN 2022 11:00am

11 Oct 202218h – 19h

3 € (grants access to the whole venue)

+ 10 years old | 75 minutes

Tickets available at


Joaquim Machado de Castro (1731-1822) was born in Coimbra on 19 June 1731. In 1746 he left for Lisbon and moved to Mafra ten years later, where he was assistant to Alessandro Giusti (1715-1799).

A commission for the equestrian statue of King José in 1770 was a milestone in his career. The construction of the monument was complex and controversial, but its inauguration established Machado de Castro as the leading Portuguese sculptor of the day. 

In this guided visit with Paulo Almeida Fernandes, we revisit the work of this sculptor in Lisbon.


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Machado de Castro in Lisbon: The Laboratory of Sculpture